Cv/Resume Check

FAQs & Working Process

Question: What Specific things would you check?

Answer: We would check the page set up, format, powerful words, career development ladder, major accomplishments, dull phrases, killer phrases, idiotic phrases & boring phrases of resume.

Question: Do I need to come to your office?

Answer: No, You don’t need to come to office. This is completely an online service

Question: Will you make correction in my cv?

Answer: We will tell you the corrections, you have to make the necessary corrections by yourself

Question: How long it would take to give me the report?

Answer: You will get instantly

Question: How can I send you my cv?

Answer: You can just upload the cv in our website

1000.00 499.00 BDT


Features & Benefits

  • Your cv will be thoroughly checked.
  • You will get a comprehensive report.
  • Mistakes of your cv would be described in the cv.
  • Corrections will be mentioned.
  • You can make your own cv if you want.
  • You would be able to know about the contents of professional cv.
  • You can re-write the cv after learning about the mistakes.
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