About Corporate Ask

Corporate Ask is the pioneer in Resume Writing industry in Bangladesh.

Service We Provides:

  1. Resume Writing (For Job Purpose)
  2. CV Writing (For Higher Study Purpose)
  3. Cover Letter Writing
  4. Bdjobs profile Making
  5. Linkedin profile making
  6. Marriage CV
  7. Personal Website Making
  8. SOP Making

Mission: To Create Achievement bases Professional Resume for all job seekers.
Vision: Ensure Professional Resume for all job seekers.

  • Young Entrepreneur Award 2017
  • COF Inspirational Award 2017

The founder & CEO of the company, Niaz Ahmed is acknowledged as the Authority on how to get 3 times more interview calls by applying one third of the jobs through SMART & Achievement based distinguishable unique Resume & super-powered all-star linkedin profile.

A team 15 people are working permanently in the company at the moment. A number of Campus ambassadors, affiliate partners & interns are also contributing to the company. The company has already served 12000+ clients with Resume writing, cover letter, bdjobs & linkedin profile making service. The company has clients from 40+ countries around the world.

The resumes made by Corporate Ask has the following characteristics that makes it unique:

  1. One to one discussion with every client
  2. Collecting Achievements
  3. Exploring Unique Contents
  4. Making short & simple CV
  5. Perfect formatting
  6. ATS software friendly
  7. Global Standard
  8. Error-less
  9. No Table, no color, no shape, no shade
  10. SMART Statement

The company is a Self-proprietorship company. They are operating business operation as per their SOPs. All the policies & processes are demonstrated in the website. The company is operating since 2016 & started digital operation from August 2021. A number of social media influences, celebrities, corporate icons have recommended them for resume making.
The company is working for continuous development & growth. They are planning to come up with affiliation project very soon. It takes minimum 5-10 hours to write a freshers resume and for experienced person, it may take more time. After completion of the booking process, the team starts working on the cv/ resume. All the information from the previous cv is converted to a suitable & perfect format.
Then the Operation Management team arranges a meeting between a Career coach & client. The career coach discusses about the objective, intention, job responsibilities, contributions, trainings, extra-curriculums, voluntary works & other details from the client. All the KPI & KRAs are discussed elaborately with clients. The CV/ resume is made as per the information provided by the clients. After collecting all these information, the cv/ resume is prepared & send to client after thorough checking.

Around 12000+ people have changed their jobs & moved to a better career endeavor. We are waiting to create your best impression to the recruiters through SMART resume.

Different Professionals For whom we have worked:

  1. Accounts & Finance Professional (0-10 years exp)
  2. CFO (10-25 years exp)
  3. Teachers, Trainer, Coach
  4. HR Professionals (From Executive to CHRO)
  5. Company Director
  6. CEO
  7. Sales Professional (Any level) ...
  8. Lawyer
  9. Auditors
  10. Textile Professionals
  11. Managing Directors
  12. Bankers
  13. Chefs
  14. Technicians
  15. Engineers (Any Disciplines)
  16. Airlines Professional
  17. Customer Service
  18. Merchandiser
  19. Factory Manager
  20. Branch Manager
  21. Fresh Graduates
  22. Photographers
  23. Film Directors
  24. RJ
  25. Journalist
  26. Doctors
  27. Dentist
  28. NGO Professionals
  29. Project Manager
  30. Program Manager
  31. Quality Development Specialist
  32. Admin & Security Professional
  33. Police
  34. Military Professionals
  35. Business Development Professionals
  36. Digital Marketers
  37. Business Owner
  38. Entertainer & Actor
  39. Secretary
  40. Politically Influential Person
  41. Social Worker
  42. Fin-Tech Specialist
  43. Amazon Marketer
  44. Navy & Air-force Officer
  45. Economist
  46. Pharmacist
  47. Supply Chain Management Professionals
  48. Technical Service Engineers
  49. Agricultural Specialist
  50. E-commerce Business Expert
  51. Brand Manager
  52. PR Communication Specialist
  53. News Presenter
  54. Insurance Seller

Different Industry where we have served:

  1. RMG
  2. FMCG
  3. Lighting
  4. Color
  5. Food & Nutrition
  6. Learning & Development
  7. IT & MIS
  8. Engineering & Automation
  9. Customer Service
  10. NGO
  11. Import Export
  12. Bank
  13. Agent
  14. Hospitality & Tourism
  15. Logistics & Distribution
  16. E-commerce
  17. Industry & Manufacturing
  18. Automobiles
  19. Food & Nutrition
  20. Event Management

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